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You are Just 5 Days Away from Learning How to Set Up Every Project for Success!

Bill Dow, PMP with 30+ years of Project Management experience is going to lead you through the 10 steps of setting up a project for success.

Set up a project environment, tools and connect with your key customers

Stop getting stuck on how to start a project!

Setup and run projects consistently every time! 

5-Day Project Management Challenge Details

This 5-Day Project Management Challenge is going to help you setup a project for success from the minute you are assigned until you send that last status report!.

See, if you don't have a solid foundation, then running a project can be challenging.

Join the challenge, get ready for hard work and get ready to enhance your project management skills!


5-Day Project Management Challenge

Don't miss this opportunity to join Bill Dow, PMP on this 5 Day Project Management Crash Course on setting up a project for success!

Do you run and hide when assigned a new project?

Many project managers are not running successful projects because they don't know how to build the foundation properly.  We all know if a project is not set up correctly, it makes it much harder to be successful!

Today's Project Environement

Most project managers today, especially in IT, are running multiple projects at the same time. That means they face the following conditions on their projects:

  • Multiple team members on different teams reaching out and needing time.
  • Multiple stakeholders asking for different information from their projects. There projects are always the most important!
  • Multiple notes from all project meetings
  • Multiple status reports for each project
  • Multiple budget health monitoring reports
  • Multiple project escalations
  • Updating the various risk and issue logs.
  • ...

Project Management is not easy and the more and more projects we manage, it even harder if we are not organized!

It does not have to be this hard, and one of the best practices I have found in 30+ years of doing this is that you have to have a solid project environment setup and when you do, yes you will have those challenges, but they are much easier to address when you have this consistent set of tools and environment setup.

That's why I created this 5-Day Project Management Challenge to help you get your project environments set up for success!


Your Instructor - Bill Dow, PMP

Bill Dow_082

Bill Dow, PMP

30 + years hands-on experience

2020 - Rated Top PMO Manager in the world

2021 - Top 4 PMO Influence in the world

College level instructor across North America for 20+ Years

Ran 10 large PMOs across three different companies


Tell me more about this 5 Day Project Management Challenge!

Here is how this event goes. It is really simple and really fun! Plus you will learn a ton.

  1. You have to show up everyday live and you do the homework of the day before. The day before the first day we go live, I will send you the project scenario and I will send you the tools to complete.
  2. Then join the call, talk through your issues, show you're homework and you are assigned the next day's homework on the call.
  3. Then you leave the call, do the homework for that day and we go live again the next day.
  4. We do this same process for 5 days straight, and then maybe, I mean maybe there is a 6th day. But..... Don't tell anyone!



Bill Dow, PMP

30 + years hands on experience

2020 - Rated Top PMO Manager in the world

2021 - Top 4 PMO Influence in the world

College level instructor across North America for 20+ Years

Ran 10 Large PMOs across three different Companies


What's in it for me?

Great question, and I am glad you asked!

Why do you need this?

  • Just been assigned a project and have no idea where to start?

  • Just been tapped on the shoulder from the CIO and stuck how to move forward?

  • Running a project and don’t have everything setup correctly?

At the end of this challenge, you will be able to:

  • Understand the steps of setting up a project

  • Have ready made templates you can use today!

  • Start executing on tools and templates to setup and run a successful project!

What does the 5 Day Project Management Challenge look like?



Of course you get free stuff. For this 5-Day Project Management Challenge, you have to have tools and I am going to give you those tools.

Note, tools are released at the end of every call for the next day, so you get all the tools if you stay the whole time. 

  • Stakeholder Register
  • Project Charter
  • Business Requirements Document
  • Product Backlog
  • Resource Sheet
  • Project Schedule
  • Project RACI
  • Budget Spreadsheet
  • Project Calendar
  • Project Status Report

5-Day Project Management FAQs

1. Question: Does this contest cost money?

Answer: Nope, it is free, you will be prompted at the end to go deeper with Bill, but it is free!

2. Question: Do I get personal coaching?

Answer: Nope, these are 1 hour live calls, so there could be 1 to 50 people on the call. But, see #1, you will have a chance to work with Bill.

3. Question: What timezone are the live calls done in?

Answer: PST. Seattle, WA - USA - But calls will be recorded.

4. Question: Do I need to show up live?

Answer: Only if you want all the files and templates, and want to actually learn. Homework and templates are provided at the end of every call.

5. Question: What the catch?

Answer: None, really. See #1, but no really I do care about people and care about helping them. I am here to serve!





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