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Author Website Remediation

Now we know what the problems are, we now need to move into fixing those agreed upon recommendations.

Some fixes you may choose to do immediately, some may be fixes you do down the line, we will cover that in the recommendation report discussion.


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Let's start by watching this Remediation Video

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Website Remediation Pricing Table

SEO – Phase 2 Implementing the Recommendations


SEO – Phase 2 Enhanced Fixes


2017-2-19 The PMO Lifecycle_Front

Reminder how this process works!


Start with a Free Website Audit

Checking for the good and the bad on your site! This whole process is in your hands to decide what to fix!


Fix Audit Findings

This is where we fix what we find and recommend any changes we find when performing the audit fixes. 



Ongoing Updates

Ongoing Monthly website enhancements/updates to continue to grow your business!  These services include, optimization, content strategy.... 


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