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Free - Author Website Optimization Analysis Audit

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Do you understand the complexities of a website? Are you an author trying to write a book, you know you need a website, but have no idea what to fix?

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Dow Publishing’s Author Website Optimization Service focuses on improving your business’s website. When searching online, most users will choose one of the top five search results shown to them. 

It is that simple, when you show up on Google or Bing in the top results it can have a huge impact on your business. This service can not guarantee success, but it will improve your chances! 

What is the outcome of this experience – Improving your chances of showing up in the top search results!

Making things easier to be found on the web

  • Website optimization is one of the important aspects of marketing. It is a complex process which involves making improvements to the content, design, and structure of your website. 


  • To improve their ranking in search engines, companies undertake some specific steps: 
  • They change their strategy for writing content.
  • Modify the meta tags for better descriptions.
  • Redesign the website for better user experience.

How it Works!


Start with a Free Website Audit

Checking for the good and the bad on your site! This whole process is in your hands to decide what to fix!


Fix Audit Findings

This is where we fix what we find and recommend any changes we find when performing the audit fixes. 



Comming Soon

Ongoing Monthly website enhancements/updates to continue to grow your business!  These services include, optimization, content strategy.... 

Free SEO Audit Scan

Phase1 Scan Example

In this report, you will see exactly what has to be fixed and what is working well on your website. 

  • Greens are good and really don't need to be touched.
  • Reds are areas for us to look at for your site.

You can see how valuable this "at a glance" report will be to understand exactly what is happening on your site!

Note: For the Free Audit you will only get a partial report of your site. Enough to understand what is really going on with your site.


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