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Bill Dow, PMP:  Welcome to my PM Coaching/Mentoring Program

"So many people in the project management profession try to go it alone and fail. Bill Dow has over 30 years experience in this field and can help you grow your career!" ~ Bruce T.

top 8 in World

4 X Author and Internationally recoginzed PMO and Project Management Expert

2020 Top 16 PMO Leader in the world!

Working with Bill you will learn....

That is a great question and so let me cover that for you! I want to make sure you understand the "Why" and the value that a Mentoring/Coaching Program can bring to you.

  • Project Management Tools and Processes!

    Want to learn the latest in project management process, join Bill as he teaches you want PMO Managers are looking for from their employees. If you are a PMO Manager, work with Bill to develop a set of project management best practices to help your team be successful.

  • Project Recovery Process

    Are you a project manager that is stuck taking over someone's mess, and don't know where to turn? Are you a PMO Manager who has to sit down with one of your project managers and review their projects? Where do you start? Join Bill where he breaks down this in a step-by-step manner for you!

  • Presenting to Executives?

    Do you know how to present to executives? What happens if you finally get a seat at the leadership table? Let Bill help you understand how to present to your executive team!

  • World-Renowned Expert

    Bill Dow, PMP is an internationally known PMO and Project Management expert who has spoken at conferences and events around the world.

  • PMO & Project Management Training

    Whether it is PMO Management or Project Management, you will work with Bill to pick the training you need to be successful. Bill has a wealth of courses that you will have available based on the areas were you are struggling.

  • Catered to your personal needs!

    This is not a course, this is a 1:1 Mentoring/Coaching program provided by Bill Dow who will be able to work with you to give you the skills you need to be successful!

Client Testimonials

Even more... Client Testimonials

Ray Schafer - "Working with Bill helped me understand how to build upon my past experience to learn how to set up my program more effectively and to prepare for the future when I will be building my own IT PMO. Understanding the initial steps of creating a mission and a vision and building the \"walking deck\" for use in gaining support will be invaluable. THANKS BILL!"


And more... Client Testimonials

George Awa - "Bill Dow provides good strategies, tools and techniques on how to land PM jobs , fixing your resume to land PM jobs, providing resources and knowledge about how to land jobs and what to plan for after landing PM jobs. Great value for money experience."


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