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Yes, I want to join the PMO & PM Mastermind

Ready to make the next move in your career!

PMO Mastermind

Here's is what you will get in this monthly mastermind!

100% access to Bill Dow and other PM Leaders in the Industry

20% off on all Dow Publishing LLC Products

Shared Google Drive where we will store templates and files

Zoom Recordings from Past calls - Just in case you can't attend!

100% satisfaction guarantee - cancel anytime. (You will not be allowed back once you quit!)

And... Much Much more...

Bill Dow, PMP - Blog

"I have been involved in formal and informal mastermind groups for many-many years now across different topics and I love it. I can learn more in an hour meeting that I can searching for days and days on the internet and YouTube."

Bill Dow, PMP - 30+ Years of PMO and Project Management experience


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  • Dow Publishing MasterMind Group

    Note: This is a recurring mastermind payment of $20.00 price (Early Bird Pricing) that will charge as long as you are in the group once you are in the group and decide to cancel future billing will stop. There are no refunds offered on this Mastermind group. Please note: Pricing will go up in the near future, and of course you can cancel at any time.
    Future Payments: $20.00, payments(Monthly), starting in 15 days
  • Total

    USD $20.00



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