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Discover the steps to stop struggling with your projects!


There are very clear tools and templates to use to manage projects. Get started today!

Download this Project Management Playbook today!

Brand New Project Management Playbook Ebook!

What's in the eBook?

Are you a project manager and struggling what to do run a project? Do you know what to do in Initiating, Planning....etc?

Playbook Information

Project Initiating Process

Project Planning Process

We cover the importance of a project mangement playbooks and how the book is structurced as a series of checklists for each process group.

Project Executing and Controlling Processes

We cover tasks such as updating project management plans, finances, communicatrion check points and RACI.

We cover key tasks such as a project charter, project kickoff and lessons learned information.

Summary & More Information

We wrap-up the ebook and provide you links and website for more information.

We cover risk management, WBS, issue management and escalation models.

Project Management Playbook Ebook

Check out all the topics we cover!

Playbook Introduction (Pg 2)

Project Initiating Process (Pg 3)

Project Planning Process (Pg 7)

Project Executing and Project Contolling Processes (Pg 10)

Project Closing Process (Pg 13)

Summary & More Information (Pg 15)

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